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                                  What exactly is Stabilised Aqueous Ozone?

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) technology is a chemical free alternative and the most environmentally friendly way to clean, sanitise and deodourize.  With one single Safety Data Sheet, Tersano removes the requirement for using many different traditional cleaning chemicals, along with the way they are used in both the commercial and domestic cleaning markets. The patented SAO dispenser and iClean Mini infuses cold tap water with ozone to create a safe, high performing, chemical free cleaner, sanitiser and deodourizer.

By changing your cleaning processes from traditional general purpose chemical cleaners to Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) will keep literally millions of litres of toxic chemicals from entering New Zealand's waste water systems, streams 

and rivers every month.  Water is a renewable and sustainable element, using  Tersano is the simplest, safest, most sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning and sanitising chemicals.

The SAO cartidges are fully recycable and we offer a full 'return-to-recycle' programme at no cost to our customers.

Join us in helping to keep New Zealand cleaner and greener!  

Stop emitting chemicals and start preserving our environment!


Watch the video's below to see the benefits of using SAO and how it works

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About Covid Solutions

Covid Solutions specializes in bringing new and emerging technologies to market that help humanity live longer, fuller, healthier lives.  The products we represent have been fully researched and chosen for their innovative approach to treating health conditions; sometimes novel, but always proven more effective in time with fewer risks and side effects, supporting more reliable diagnoses and effective treatment.


With new ideas and  years of Research into SAO we are focused in gettig the way that we use cleaning and heavy chemical reduced in every day use this has nothing to do with Covid 19 it has to do about reducing our chemical useage and using the technology for better health and with science and technology, Covid Solutions is dedicated to the design, manufacture and introduction of equipment, supplies and treatment protocols capable of delivering superior results in health related industries. Wherever possible, we support natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions to health problems that are safer for life on this planet.

Tersano has been at the forefront of using this technology around the world and we in New Zealand now have the chance to finally use these amazing products that do not harm humans or animals or plant life and is safer to go back into our waterways. Our Disinfection technology to help address infectious viral and bacterial pathogens given the recent pandemic, is just one example of the right product made available at the right time. This revolutionary all-natural, scientifically proven, MPI approved solution to help more naturally clean, sanitize and disinfect, can help save millions of lives as we race to restore our way of life.

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