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Changing the way, we are doing our business...

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CareStation - Our mobile sanitiser and mask dispensing unit

Get our new CareStation, custom designed for both internal and external use.  Our products will make your staff and customers feel safe, while visiting your business or organisation.  

◼   This fully mobile product is built strong and robust 

◼   Will work effectively both inside and outside 

◼   It has dual internal tanks, which have the capacity to hold 40 litres of sanitiser which effectively kills all germs, bacteria and this virus!

◼   The sheer volume required for killing germs and the nature of how our sanitiser system works means that it does not have to be refilled as frequently as just replacing a bottle of standard sanitizer, which can prove to be expensive and at present hard to source reliably.  This will  reduce the amount of any monitoring required, that the Care Station would otherwise require

◼  These stations are highly durable and visible and can be individually branded to suit any business  or organisation.

At this present time we are all facing uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  With no vaccine yet available and realistically any vaccine is unlikely to be ready for at least 18 months.  Testing is currently underway but until a solution is found,  we will all have to learn and adapt to new ways of living, when it comes to self hygiene and cleanliness.  These changes will be important and will not only effect both the way we work and how we will socialise, for the foreseeable future.

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Care Stations can me manufactured in different materials and in different colours to suit your Business needs it can be used internally as well as externally

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