Clean with Green

Fogging with Patented Stabilised Aqueous Ozone can be used in different ways to eliminate all types of bacteria and viruses and can vary based on the method used . unlike hars chemicals and bleach ,SAO can be safely introducesd airborne with little or no PPE equipmet or ( Personal Protective Equipment )such as eye covering masks ,gloves ,skin covering and respirators . Fogging Can Have the benefit of covering large areas with a dry mist allowing tiny droplets to reach even the smallest out of the way areas . Fogging is subject to Gravity therefore and dose not cling to all surfaces . the benefit of Fogging is it relatively dry application on and around sensitive surfaces such as high tech equipment and it minimal use of solutions is the key difference between fogging and spraving

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Call or email us for a booking we will then process your request we will then email you a time when we can call to survey your premises and see what type of system you will require .

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Gather any existing plans of your bulding so that when we arrive for the survey we will be able to proceed at faster rate and we will also be able to give you you the best quotation .

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The Quotation will be sent back to you with in 48 Hours depending on the information and the survey carried out to the premises and some time the case is that the plans do not match the council plans and we would like to base the quotation on the size and volume for the fogging to be carried out  , so we sometimes have to do a second survey .