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HIGH LEVEL Disinfectant

SHIELDme the 100% natural high level disinfectant and sanitiser which is oxidized water with Hypochlorous acid which is produced by the human bodyu in an autonmatic manner to naturally fight microbes .

This is what makes SHIELDme safe for human use and non -irritant ,killing 99.999% of bacteria ,viruses,mould ,fungi ,and spores

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Electric Cold Fogging Machines

Multi flexable Fogging machine which can adjust to any angle and used in large our small areas . the 5 Litre tank capicity and the large adjustable Npozzle means you can do a large area in short times  and can be used anywere including transport , hospitals. nursing homes .

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Disinfecting Fogging Machines

Disinfecting Foggers a fast way to cover a wide area in short period of time so as to kill any bacterias or virius with out using harmful chemicals . The 12 litre tank capicity and a spraying distance of6-8 meters allows the user to cover large areas in short times allowing these areas to be used straight away as the product is not harmful to humans or animals or plant life .

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Automatic Hand Sanitisers

SHIELDME Automatic Hand Disinfecting Dispensers uses SHIELDme the 100% natural -level disinfectant and sanitiser.

SHIELDme Automatic dispensers can be used widely inside all type of building and 

used in Rest rooms and any locations



SHIELDme PPE Protections Kit is used in medical institutions and general public now due  to the pandemic so we have made it availabe in a small kit which makes it affordable to the public .

Package kit Includes

  • PC Medical Face Shield​

  • 4 PCS Disposable Face Mask

  • 4 Sets Disposable Gloves


NoN- Contact IR Thermometer

Shieldme Non-Contact IR Thermometer is a medical device for body/forehead temperature and it has a super fast digital reading with in one second with high accuracy reading 

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Touchless Temperature Measurements


SHIELDme  Tower

Shieldme Tower provides both high level disinfection and sanitisation with the Automatic Hand Dispenser and body temperature Measurement to ensure early detection and control of infections .


Dispenser Towers

Shieldme Stand provides igh-level disinfection and sanitisation with the automatic Hand Disinfecting dispenser.